Transport has significantly improved throughout the years. After the invention of the steam engine and cars, the vehicle has constantly been evolving. Even in the present day, newer models of cars are launched every year with improved mechanics and features. In concepts and fiction, the idea has always been to create an aerial vehicle as it is faster and much more efficient than the general land vehicles. This was not possible on a consumer level but with the invention of the world’s first personal flying car, this idea may be very close to reality.

The drone car flying out of a warehouse for public showcasing.

Kyxz Mendiola, a former dancer and camera operator, unveiled his creation of the flying car drone. He flew and hovered for a few minutes in the single-passenger contraption powered by the “multicopter” technology commonly used in small unmanned drones.

Mendiola’s car can fly at an altitude of 6.1 meters (20 ft) and cruise at a top speed of 60 Km/h (37 mph). However, the drone like car’s maiden flight lasted for only about 10 minutes. Mendiola calls his car as the ‘Koncepto Milenya’.

Kyxz Mendiola with his creation.

Mendiola says that he took a long time to save-up for the funds of the components of the car which is a single-seater vehicle and is powered by six lithium ion batteries. The passenger can steer the vehicle with a radio frequency controller. The car can carry up to 100 Kg (220 lbs) of weight and save hours on city traffic. An added security feature in the car allows the vehicle to remain flying even if one or two rotors out of its 16 rotors were to fail. Mendiola’s flying drone car video was posted online and it soon went viral. Responding to the invention and the video, an Australian company, Star8 is partnering with Mendiola to further develop the vehicle. Star8’s Chief Executive Jacob Maimon said he wanted to mass produce it and market it in Australia, Europe and Hong Kong, after helping Mendiola perfect the machine.

Mediola invented the aerial vehicle from his garage with the help of his savings which is an astounding feat to achieve. His concept is in further development and it will not be long before drone technology powered cars are seen lurking in the skies.

Watch the Koncepto Millenya demonstrate its flight ability: