The use of drones commercially as well as industrially is increasing in an exponential manner. Completely halting the use of drones owing to their safety related complications may not be the best measure to be taken. The development of drone technology is proving to be a genuine breakthrough in several areas of the modern world, including the economy, living standards of the people and immediate medical assistance, to name a few.

“Geo-awareness” is a thing that has been taken over by different governments across the globe, to make operators and handlers of drones to stay out of geographical areas that might be a possible potential hazard to the civilians or to the air-space for other public services like flights to operate. However, there are several countries that do not agree that spreading this awareness is not enough in ensuring complete safety of the people or air-space from drone users. European government is one of the important administrative bodies that are on the seek for a more efficient way of ensuring the safety of important geographical areas.

Geofencing solutions

Owing to these issues, the European drone regulations have now paved the way to a mastermind solution called the “GEOSAFE” project. This project will involve implementing geofencing solutions that would either stop the drones from entering into the ‘geo-fenced’ area or would send a signal to the control room and immediate action will be taken. Geo-fencing is nothing but creating a virtual fence over a geographical area using technology such as GPS, RFID’s that can sense the entry of a mobile object into the area and take appropriate follow-up actions.

A map of a geo-fenced area

This project is to be highlighted and explored further in the SESAR-JU (Single European Sky ATM Research – Joint Undertakings) Demonstration projects. Once the safety of the rural and urban areas is ensured, it is said that development in drone technology will reach newer heights in the European continent.

Phantom drone manufacturers have included a safety feature in their drones that will restrict flying the drones in geo-fenced areas.