Ural Motorcycles is a renowned name in the automobile industry. Ural motorcycles are famous for their bikes which have a sidecar attached to it. These types of bikes were launched in the second world war and since then have continuously been popularised. They are rugged bikes designed to travel on urban as well as off-road terrain. Manufactured in Russia, the Ural is reportedly based on an original design reverse engineered from a BMW R71. The company has recently launched a new bike line-up after collaborating with the drone giant DJI. It’s called Ural Air. In an attempt to combine Ural’s iconic style with today’s cutting edge technology, the Ural Air was made. Now adventure seekers can not only go off-road on the Ural but also document it.

Ural motorcycles being used in the military during World War II.

The front trunk on the sidecar which was initially used as a storage room is now converted into a drone station of its own. The mini Droneport houses a DJI Spark drone which is immediately deployed on the press of a button. When the button is pressed, the storage hatch opens and the DJI drone takes off. The controls of the drone are hard-mounted on the sidecar, thus making the passenger the pilot. The passenger can control the drone seated within the sidecar.

The company proposes great uses of this type of technology. According to its website, it is a great tool which would help trekkers explore the way ahead for potential obstruction, it can discover everything that lies around and beyond a campsite. The drone can also help in analyzing the surroundings after a storm which would greatly help outdoor enthusiasts.

The Ural Air comes with a windsock. The wind-tracking technology helps riders and pilots stay right on course.

The Ural Air is a limited edition vehicle and the Russian company released only 40 such models, each priced at $18,000.