Police drones have been making their way into the police arsenal for the past decade. There have been drones for search and rescue and drones which have helped drop crime rates significantly. Among such tactile drones, the all new US-1 drone developed by Impossible Aerospace made its debut. The drone supposedly aided the police during a standoff at Denny’s (an American diner chain) in Campbell, California, U.S, on 8th February.

The US-1 drone helped in getting a peaceful arrest

As per the Campbell police and SWAT authorities, the drone provided a regular perimeter scan and more consistent video footage than the county’s helicopter. Helicopters and airplanes are widely used in all civil and military operations. However, their usage brings in hefty costs, a certain variable of inefficiency and restrictions. That is not the case for a UAV. Not only are drones an economical option but can also maneuver tight spaces with ultra-sensitive sensors.

The US-1’s persistent view informed officers that an open kitchen vent was quickly leaking tear gas. This allowed the SWAT team to rapidly adjust its strategy and succeed in achieving a peaceful arrest. This drone is equipped with thermal and optical sensors, coupled with a record-breaking 90-minute battery life. This provided more than ample time for the police to complete their mission.

US-1 drone

The US-1 Drone by Impossible Aerospace

“During critical incidents, real-time intelligence is extremely important. At this recent event involving a barricaded subject with a gun, Impossible Aerospace provided a piece of intelligence that our agency previously has never had access to. The use of the US-1 drone helped us optimize the safety of our officers and the community while providing valuable information to the command post through the live video feed. Fortunately, after almost 12 hours, the suspect was taken into custody safely. We are very appreciative of the assistance that Impossible Aerospace provided during this incident,” said Gary Berg, Police Captain in Campbell.

Impossible Aerospace is a powerfully backed Californian start-up which aims to ‘assemble the highest performance aircraft possible with electric propulsion’. The company continues to forge partnerships with local governments to facilitate the need for domestically-made aerospace technology.

Watch Spencer Gore, CEO of Impossible Aerospace, introduce the drone: