Delivery drones have been taking the world by storm. Drones in logistics are paving the way for a more drone-filled future. Every other MNC is trying to outdo the other by introducing drones into its administration. Similarly, Vodafone, one of the largest cellular service provider, has accomplished the first drone delivery in the UK. It used its 4G drone to achieve this feat.

The 4G drone

Traditionally, drones are operated with radio links which means they have to be flown within line of sight. However, Vodafone equipped its drone with the same 4G technology used in smartphones. This enabled operators to monitor the drone in real- time. Thus, greatly reducing the time needed for them to be flown in line of sight.

At the present state, Vodafone’s network covers 99% of the UK’s population.

Flying a 4G drone for the first time was a glimpse into the future potential of drones. It is a leap further from what traditional drones have been doing for decades. Cellular networks are also said to get a revolutionary upgrade with the introduction of 5G. 5G smartphones will soon hit the markets. The 5G technology is described to be immensely fast and responsive compared to its predecessor. Therefore, the same could be coupled with drone technology too. This could mean that drones could someday be as fast and powerful as the modern smartphone.

This could change in technology could benefit almost all sectors and industries. Farming, medical, rescue services, law enforcement, etc. The usage of these ultra responsive drones is endless.

Vodafone said that the drone is the “first of its kind” to be built and flown in the UK which harnesses the power of the firm’s network via a portable 4G router