Go-Kart racing is one of the most entertaining activities in the world. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could take our karts to the skies and race against other flying karts? Well, this is now possible, thanks to the polish aerospace company, Jetson Aero which is located in Poznan, Poland. Jetson Aero has developed a prototype for the first flying go-kart drone. This drone is a very important breakthrough as the future may have passenger drones that will carry people from one place to another, gliding through the skies.

The flying Go-Kart

Jetson Aero’s First prototype of the flying Go-Kart

The Jetson Aero Flying Go-Kart

The company has taken a lot of effort into putting together an efficient design. Several material tests have been done and the team has decided to use carbon fibre composites for the chassis. However, for its first prototype, aircraft grade aluminium has been used to build the chassis which gives the design an ultra-lightweight. Several configuration tests have also been carried out on different types of motors and propellers to figure out which configuration would have the maximum thrust at sufficiently low power consumption rates.

This drone is designed to fly on electricity. The electronic components are carefully designed to avoid power dissipation due to undesirable causes and supply maximum power to the drone’s thrusters. The drone can charge very fast from an A.C. hub and as of now, it is able to fly for a solid 15 minutes after charging once. The aluminium frame that has been used now will be replaced by a carbon monocoque shell that is ultra-rigid, and at the same extremely lightweight.

first prototype of the Jetson Aero flying Go-Kart

The first prototype of the Jetson Aero flying Go-Kart being checked before manned test flight
rendered design of the flying go-kart

The final design proposed by the company

Manned Test Flight

The manned test flight of the very first prototype was highly successful and this has motivated the company to improve the design further. Soon, these flying go-karts will be seen racing against one another. The company looks forward to prioritizing other important factors like quiet and powerful pro-eco electric drive, occupant safety and ease of use. With all these factors implemented efficiently, this flying go-kart can be one of the most important and necessary innovations in the drone industry.